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                                                Images of the Great Railroads at Work




                          -Railroad Art Photos-                 

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The leanest essentials of form and function are artfully expressed in the running gear of a steam locomotive.   The inspiring architecture of the great railway stations provided gateways to our cities.    Sleek  Arte Moderne  passenger trains of the 1930’s drew passengers back to the rails during the Depression,   The sensual flow of steel rails tucked in between the mountains and a winding river…  All are inherently pleasing to the eye and require no further explanation. 


Railroad Art Photos are available printed on a variety of fine art media, expertly mounted and framed by the professionals at Surroundings Gallery.  To order prints from the Railroad Art Photos gallery, e-mail:  phoeffnerart@msn.com    or    sales@railroadartprints.com





                           -Railroad Scenes-

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These are images of railroads at work,  with people and surroundings that lend visual support to the main subject and help identify the locale.   Scenes photographed in the New Haven, Ct. area, for example,  may include railroad employees, complex trackwork, signals, maintenance facilities, etc.  These details, combined with the patina of wear resulting from decades of financial strain on the railroad system, act in concert to portray railroads in the context of our society.


Railroad Scenes are printed on 13” by 19” luster finish paper and look great framed.  Larger print sizes are available by  request!  To order prints from the Railroad Scenes gallery,  e-mail:  phoeffnerart@msn.com    or    sales@railroadartprints.com




                         -Documentary Photos-

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Roster shots, critters and everyday trains:  This collection includes closely framed photos of locos and cars,  trains arriving at and departing from my favorite places, everyday images of railroads in our lives.  These photos may also provide a source of detail information for historians and model builders.


Documentary Photos are printed on 8.5” by 11” luster finish photo paper.   To order prints from the Documentary Photos gallery, e-mail:  phoeffnerart@msn.com    or    sales@railroadartprints.com





                                                                -Photographer’s Bio-


Some of us form bonds with trains and the railroad companies that operate them.    Mine are deep and permanent.


I am fortunate to have been born at the midpoint of the twentieth century when passenger trains were still owned and operated by the individual railroad companies.  During my early years I lived in various parts of the country before settling in Southern New England in the mid-1950’s.  When travelling for vacations and holidays, I had the privilege of riding some of the great trains and developed a deep appreciation for their sleek beauty, style and comfort, along with respect for the people who worked on them.   For a time, we lived in Alabama and our neighbor was an engineer for the Southern Railway.  Once, he hoisted me up into his locomotive to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the engine cab.  I definitely had some unique, upclose, and personal experiences with railroads as a youngster, with many more adventures to follow!


Photography came along later as a natural response to the ever changing railroad scene.  The photos in these galleries are intended to share my impressions of railroading as I knew it.


I presently live in  Los Angeles  and work as a Customer Service Engineer providing field support for wide format inkjet printers and scanners in the graphic arts, fine arts and media industries.





                                                                  -Technical Info About the Photos-


Digitizing original images:

The original photos in these galleries were shot mostly as black and white 2” by 3” negatives or 35mm color slides.   The film images are scanned at high optical resolution in order to capture all the image information contained in the film, right down to the grain.   The aspect ratio of most scans is maintained at 3:2, matching the aspect ratio of  35mm slides as well as 2” by 3” negatives.  Trains also look better in this aspect ratio due to their long horizontal lines. 


Image Processing:

Since most of these images are 40+ years old,  color correction of the scanned image is necessary to restore levels and contrast due to fading and color shift in the original film.  Yes, this is a subjective process, but I aim to provide the closest match possible at this distant point in time.  Suffice it to say, I was there to experience these scenes and  the colors you see on my prints are true to my best recollection.   In the interest of historical accuracy I do not alter the content of the images by adding or deleting details.  I do retouch all the dust, scratches and other artifacts that find their way onto film surfaces over the span of 4 decades.



All prints are made on ink jet printers using pigment based inks that will last for many years when properly protected from UV light.  “A” and “B” sized prints are produced on photo luster paper and printed at 1440 or 2880 dots per inch to ensure photo quality for close-up viewing.  Prints produced on fine art media such as canvas or matte papers may be printed at 720 or 1440 dpi, depending on the image size and media type requested.


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions or comments you may have regarding the quality or subject matter contained in the photos.  E-mail:  phoeffnerart@msn.com