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2057  W.Haven

2524 Cedar Hill

374 HellGate

6218 Crew

2007 Cruises Through West Haven Summer 1967

2524 and 2518 at Cedar Hill July 1967

Penn Station Bound, 374 Glides Above the Streets of Long Island

Canadian National 6218 and Crew

6218 Fog NewLondon

6218 Front

Boys Watch the show

Caverns Penn Station

Canadian National 6218 at New London, Ct. Fall 1966

Canadian National 6218

Teenage Boys Watch the Show at Bethel, Ct.

View From the Caverns of Penn Station Into the Sunlight March 1968

Colonial DC Arrival

Dashing Snow

EB EF-4s W.Haven

EF4 Tidal Flats

Passengers Disembark From the "Colonial" at Washington, D.C. Spring 1968

Dashing Through the Snow

EF-4 Class Electric Locomotives Roll Freight Through West Haven, Ct. March 1967

EF-4's Roll Tonnage Across the Salt Marshes Near New Haven, Ct. September 1966